About Clapdoor.com

We are clapdoor.com


Buying or selling a house can be both daunting and frustrating. Looking for independent house, studio apartment or flat in India ? Look no further. Our goal is to build India’s premier online real estate marketplace, focusing on empowering consumers to make better decisions with a hassle free experience.


We are on your side!

clapdoor.com is committed to providing the experience that gives you the edge in your home buying or selling experience. We aim to provide unbiased information, analysis and recommendations to help you make a well informed decision. Not to mention, all our services are completely free!

Technology makes a difference!

We believe that harnessing technology is the key to transforming the home buying experience. Some of the areas clapdoor.com is actively innovating in are:

  • Building clean and intuitive interfaces
  • Location based navigation and discovery
  • Data analysis and prediction tools


We are a technology company made up of software professionals based out of India and US. Our combined leadership team has decades of experience working at some of the renowned firms in the software industry.

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