Investment Guide: The 5 Best Indian Cities For Buying Your Dream Home Now

A new professional project, a new career gig or a family concern; you may have any one of these reasons on your agenda that can coax you to change your abode. And what could be better than making out a decision to buy a home of your dreams. India is composed of a good number of cities and not all are good enough to fetch your interest for a big fat realty asset investment. However, there are surprisingly 5 major yet culturally toned down cities where you can definitely make a pitch.

The following list will definitely appeal to those who are planning to have a place of their own in some of the developed Indian localities. Here is a comprehensive list for you along with normal living conditions that everyone should take note of:

  1. Embrace the Age-Old ‘Qutub Shahi’; Hyderabad

Capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is famous for its culture, biryanis and the Charminaar. However, the city has now come out of its cocoon and is now one of the fast becoming next IT cities of India. Apart from offering places that are replete with glimpse of age-old heritage, the city is also abundant with job opportunities for technology professionals, predominantly. The real estate arena understands the movement of people for work here and thus is giving out a slew of accommodation options that are fitted with modern amenities and tagged with best prices. Wouldn’t it be nice to breathe in the cultural airs of Hyderabad?

  1. Get The Glimpse of the ‘Colonial Era’; Chennai

Initially regarded as ‘Madras’, this Indian city has now been christened, Chennai. The south based city has everything that a modern Indian can ask for. Chennai has a mixed populace and delightful cuisine for your foodies from all parts of the country. There are beautiful sea beaches and coasts for you to unwind and then on the other side, there are commercial zones to get doused in the modern life style. The most important aspect that you should be aware of is that the city has the lowest crime rate and the most of the localities are safe for women. Thus, it can be easily said that a home in Chennai can be the best deal of your life.

  1. The City of ‘High Energy Buzz’; Bangalore

The electronic city of India is known for its IT hubs, commercial complexes, developed roads and enthusiastic populace. Known to have a high net migration rate, the industrialization has caused people from different places to come for work here and finally settle down here. The fact has been very well utilized by realtors and thus you can expect a slew of luxurious as well as affordable housing options for you. The city has a beautiful climate and an energized moving crowd that will capture your attention and will make a place in your heart in no time. If you are someone who is keen on buying a home in Bangalore then go for it at this moment itself.

  1. The Mishti Kolkata

Kolkata is a dynamic city and is famous for its food, culture and of course the people. The city has seen a lot of ups and downs and has finally managed to get an infrastructural makeover that even the nation bows down to. Characterized by a humid weather, Kolkata is a place where if you plan to reside in your own place; you will never fall short of excitement and liveliness in your life. The populace is mixed here but majority will be of Bengalis. The reason is that the city is a blend of developed and developing areas and therefore, you can have an accommodation at a very good price. Kolkata is nowadays fiercely approached by some of the big players in the realty market.

  1. ‘Punya-Nagari’ of India; Pune

Pune is the ‘dark horse of India’. The reason being is because the city has achieved the present stature in no time and all its success has been well masked by the influential Mumbai. Pune’s success on the economic grounds surprised one and all. If you are planning to invest in an asset in here, then go for it as there are a number of residential as well as commercial projects for you to invest. Speaking on the basis of facts, Pune is one of the favorable places for both common men as well as for the business owners out there.

Few Words Before We Go…

India is growing economically strong with each passing quarter. Each and every constituting city here is also moving on the path of development with ample scope for people to prosper and live merrily. Moreover, the advent of FDIs and incorporation of REITs in India now has paved way for better investment practices and excellent realty assets.

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