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Interest in the game is seeing more golf-centric projects in Bangalore


Golf is increasingly becoming popular as a sport, a family recreational activity, and a business leisure activity, world over. The US, Europe and South East Asia have seen a boom in Golf related businesses in the last 3 decades. Several South East Asian countries were quick to seize the opportunity and have built several world-class courses and resorts around them.

In the last 2 decades, Realty companies in India have been building golf courses to enhance the appeal of their high-end residential projects. Since standalone golf courses are expensive to build and maintain, so companies are selling real estate around the course to pay for it.

Bangalore is the favorite destination for such projects due to its ideal weather, cost factors and the large population of NRIs and HNIs. And the fact that the city enjoys fairly good rainfall which replenishes the water table regularly and sustains the courses.

Residential Golf Enclaves in and around Bangalore (within 2 hours drive)

  • Prestige Golfshire
  • Prestige Augusta Golf Village
  • Clover Greens
  • Royal Garden Villas And Residential Resorts
  • Golf Woods
  • Skytop Golf Village
  • Indus International Golf Resorts And Villages
  • Eagleton – The Golf Village
  • Champion Reef
  • Alliance El Dorado Park

Golf residences in the price range of 2 crores to 10 crores draw their customers from a pool whose net worth is generally not affected by recessions or market slowdown. To Realty companies, this represents an opportunity for differentiating themselves from the competition.

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