Researching a Locality before you buy

 The real estate boom in Indian metros has resulted in a profusion of projects from all kinds of builders and realty houses. As one can expect, marketing is high-pitch, and buyers can be vulnerable. locality

As a buyer, perhaps the most important factor in your purchase is the location of the property. It certainly pays off to do the due diligence in researching  neighbourhoods and localities.

As surveys have revealed, buyers look for these parameters while evaluating any project:

  1. Location and Access parameters
  2. Public Infrastructure in the area
  3. Available amenities in the locality
  4. Important amenities in the project
  5. Proximity to Metro railway
  6. Maintenance costs
  7. Flexible plans and construction
  8. Appreciation in the area
  9. Brand of the builder
  10. Quality of construction

It’s interesting that amenities and infrastructure in the area are the top-most priorities for buyers. Understandably, builders and real estate agents emphasize these factors while selling a property. Some of this information may not be correct but not everyone takes the trouble of verifying this. This can lead to frustration later on, as the expectations have not been met, forcing the buyer to resell the property at lower prices.

This is precisely the kind of situations that Clapdoor likes to prevent, and that is why their website is replete with features that aid buyers in making the right decisions.

One such interesting feature is the Neighborhood Research for a particular locality. This feature is available across all major cities and localities in India. One can choose their desired locality, and this feature shows a map of the locality, with the following kinds of amenities depicted on the map as pointers.

  • Number or properties and projects active in the locality
  • Prices and trends relative to nearby localities
  • Shopping
  • Restaurants
  • Transport
  • Hospitals
  • Theatres
  • Gas Stations
  • ATMS/Banks
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Places of Worship

The number of such pointers on the map is a good indication of what the locality has to offer, helping buyers make informed decisions. Just another example of trust and transparency that Clapdoor is committed to.  

In near future, we will be adding several more features such as Locality Ratings, User Reviews, latest news and trends for neighborhoods across major cities. Stay tuned and send us any feedback on features that you would like to see on Clapdoor.


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