How to find the right agent for selling your property

Selling property requires the right kind of skills, and intimate knowledge of the market. If one does not possess these, it’s good to hire an agent to sell your property. The agent can arrive at the right price, find multiple ways of marketing your home, identify the best buyer, and finalize the deal in the right timeframe.

However, please note a couple of things while finalizing the right agent.


  1. Identify a couple of agents initially: Start with a large pool of agents by enquiring with friends and acquaintances. Be aware of their specialties: commercial/residential, apartment/villa, independent homes/clusters etc.
  1. Be clear on financial terms: Agents in India charge from 2 to 4% of the sale value, depending on the kind of property, location and experience level. Be clear on this and avoid hidden terms and conditions.
  1. Ensure the agent is professional: The agent must be committed to satisfying you. If he/she appears too eager to sell, too aggressive with the terms, be suspicious. Such behavior will turn off the buyer and his agent.
  1. Assess his/her knowledge: Probe the agent’s knowledge of recent buying and selling trends, demand in each category of property, recent prices, etc. Be suspicious of agents who always promise you quick sales at top prices.
  1. Find out his/her loyalties: Is the agent a Freelancer or works for a large agency? Is he/she also bringing in the buyer? In case of the latter, be careful. The agent may not present multiple options or the best prices as the buyer is also represented by him/her.

End of the day, it is your property and you are entitled to the most reasonable terms and conditions. Select the agent who can assure this and avoid conflicting situations.


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