Map based search – Find your home the easy way

Map based search – Find your home the easy way

Searching for property on the Internet can be quite a hassle. Property websites today are lists of information where the data must be searched or filtered on keywords like ‘apartment’ or ‘independent villa’, “2BHK’ or ‘3BHK’ etc. This often yields hundreds of results organized in pages which the buyer has to wade through. The information is regularly updated which means the same search can yield different results every time, so one has the hassle of refining the search time and again.

In contrast, the latest technique to search for property options use maps. Maps provided on the portal can be expanded, and drilled down to show more options within a city, locality or street. The user can click on the properties that show on the map, and a popup window on the map gives a summary of the project. Most of the map based searches use what are called ‘geocodes’ to identify and compile various property options within a locality. The map is easy to navigate. One can move in all four directions to cover a larger set of neighborhoods. This feature works equally well on a desktop or a mobile device.

 Some map based searches also use GPS (Global Positioning System)-based search that is mapped with the Geocode and database of properties. Point your mobile device in whichever direction, as you drive through a prospective neighborhood, and the map will show all property options in that direction, starting from the nearest.

When property options for a neighborhood are updated on the Portal, the new data is still visible on the same map. One does not have to wade through more maps or new maps.

Whether one wants to buy real estate or sell real estate, map based searches save loads of time, as both property options and summary views are visible on the same screen. Not to mention the comfort and convenience of doing it even while on the go. Over time, this will drive more buyers to a property website resulting in a win-win for both buyers and sellers.

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